• RF Microwave Device
  • 7~8.75GHz Three-cavity filter
  • 4.6G Amplifier Module
  • 8Ghz Up converter
  • 8G Dielectric resonator phase-locked local oscillator module
  • 8GHz AGC low noise amplifier
  • 0.3~2.5GHz low noise amplifier
  • 6~10GHz low noise amplifier
  • MMDS 2.5~2.7GHz amplifier
  • 1-3G Dielectric resonator phase-locked local oscillator module
  • 6~15GHz Power amplifier
  • 11-18Ghz up converter
  • 6-18GHZ Down converter
  • 3G Demultiplexer
  • 7~8.75GHz Five-cavity filter
  • 2.5~2.7GHz Broadband filter
  • 30~2500MHz(subsection)Broadband power amplifier
  • Live Transmission Equipment
  • Portable point to point live transmission equipment
  • Point to Omni directional digital microwave
  • Vehicle-Mountable/Backboard COFDM mobile transmission system
  • Otpical Transport Equipment
  • BIDI ASI Stream Optical Terminal Equipment
  • One Fiber Optical Terminal Equipment
  • Unidirectional ASI Stream Optical Terminal Equipment
  • AES/EBU Digital Audio Transmission Equipment
  • Adapter and Detector
  • MK-766 Bidirectional Six-way ASI Gateway
  • MKA-231 TS Stream Play Box
  • MKA-221 USB Stream Analyzer
  • MK764 IP-ASI Adapter
  • MK763 DS3/E3-ASI Network Adapter
  • MK-762 ASI/E1 Network Adapter
  • DVB/S(C) MMDS Coverage Equipment
  • MMDS/MUDS digital microwave transmitter
  • MMDS Television Coverage System
  • Indoor/outdoor High-power Broadband Transmitter
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    MKQR-668 high-speed IP-ASI Digital Microwave
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    AES/EBU Digital Audio Transmission Equipment
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    Indoor/outdoor High-power Broadband Transmitter
    Indoor/outdoor High-power Broadband Transmitter...
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